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Desired PVP Point : X 1000 Point
Current Level :     Minimum level is 61. If your character is below 61, you may contact our YCC service for more information.
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World of Warcraft US Server - Honor-Service PVP
Server : -
Class :
Current Level :0
Desired PVP Point :0Point

Duration :0 Hours(pure playing time)
Price : 0.00 EUR
Your Price : 0.00 EUR
bonus :0 ICR

Important Note
*Note: Some battlefields have extended queues which will result into longer leveling times. Pricing will be unchanged.

We start leveling a few hours after incoming payment.

We do not use cheats, scripts or bots. Please understand your character cannot communicate for security reasons. Our level employee is not aloud to talk with other players to prevent misunderstandings.

Do not forget:
Please always name your  order no. on paypal payments or bank account transfers, so we can assign your order and payment.

Hint: To keep your account secure and save, we will change the account password from the beginning of the service. After finishing the service it will be set to the originate state. This measure includes all settings.

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