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14/1/2010 22:20:26PM    Buyer: keke K.
Comment : 
No comment.
14/1/2010 22:20:17PM    Buyer: keke K.
Comment : 
No comment.
14/1/2010 22:20:08PM    Buyer: keke K.
Comment : 
No comment.
14/1/2010 22:20:00PM    Buyer: keke K.
Comment : 
No comment.
14/12/2009 15:44:00PM    Buyer: Brad H.
Comment : 
Best place to buy gold. bought from many places and they're methods were very efficient and sneaky, lol. :) Will deff. order from them in the future.
13/12/2009 10:39:36AM    Buyer: Clio J.
Comment : 
Thanks guys very much! just wanna say 'excellent'.
11/12/2009 15:33:03PM    Buyer: Martin G.
Comment : 
I am also surprised how effecient you guys are
8/12/2009 00:10:09AM    Buyer: David R.
Comment : 
Awsome service fast, best to buy from.
5/12/2009 07:44:48AM    Buyer: Jeff D.
Comment : 
Very, very nice job, guys! I'll come back whenever I need gold! :P
25/11/2009 10:17:32AM    Buyer: Emma H.
Comment : 
First time ever ordering WoW gold, was very skeptical; purchased only 3k worth of gold. Got the phone call 5-10 minutes after paying. Very fast and professional customer rep
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