7/6/2010 12:50:27 AM
By wow-gold-tip July 6, 2010

Now you can find new things in wow. That is, there is Resilience in the game which can help arena PvP last longer so it will be more interesting. Inflated health pool will increase the average duration of any given arena match. This is a giant plus in my book. While there will be more people enjoyed the Wrath of the Lich King burst fest within arena, most gamers who love arenas must want to go back to a time when games lasted longer than a Bloodlust duration.

Yet the details about coordinating a powerful burst on an enemy target need to be considered. It takes a certain skill to get your ducks in a row by crowd controlling healers and getting an Immolate-Chaos. This is going to continue to exist in Cataclysm, meaning you may need more DPS. This is definitely going to be awesome. The main reason that TBC was popular and fun is that it increases player health.

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