6/4/2010 2:20:49 AM
By wow-gold-tip June 4, 2010

The most expected things about the release of Cataclysm include guild achievements, level 85 as well as Deathwing. However, very few details have been revealed about flying mounts in all of Azeroth. It was only a snippet in the trailer which won a huge cheer. The days of flying into Southshore and then riding would become history. Alliance will not use Southshore. Instead some players can fly up and out of Stormwind, heading south into Searing Gorge to Blackrock Mountain and a new instance with Nefarian.
They will own their own mountain. Open your wings and go get the piece of ore on the side of a hill. Fly there from Aerie Peak or Revantusk Village. You can scout where those nasty Devilsaurs are in Un'Goro without getting stomped on. If you were given the chance to fly somewhere in Azeroth, you should choose a destination. There is a Tibet Trekking Tours. Among the possible choices is Menethil. It is relatively easier to do for most of players.

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