I have paid, but I did not get my order?

Why delivery was not delivered or the levelservice has not begun, a few cause most delays, please read,there are hundreds of possible reasons, :

- We did not register an incoming payment (bank account transfer).

Within Germany it takes upto 1 - 3 days, depending on the bank institute. Bank account transfers from foreign (Europe) countries may take between 3 - 7 days from your bank to ours, so we did not proceed with your order, simply because the money transfer has not been completed. Please keep also in mind, bank institutes do not book at weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Sometimes just one digit, important within account number, etc., may be written disordered, so the money was sent, but to the wrong account. Please check carefull all nescessary data: Account Number, Bank Code Number, Account Owner. Payment that have been sent to the wrong account mostly return after one week. In those cases our bank cannot proof the payment.

- Payment is still pending (at PayPal: status is "pending").

Depending if you are an owner of a PayPal account or not, depending on the payment method to/at PayPal the payment status may show "pending". Normally it changes after a few days to "completed". If the status is "completed" your order will be proceeded immediately. If the PayPal status does not change after a while, please contact the PayPal customer service. We cannot check any incoming payment.

- Payment has been completed, you are within the regular delivery times.

We deliver from incoming payment, to the terms and conditions named in the article description. Please contact us via Email :Service@wow-gold-tip.com, if we do not deliver within the given time.

- Payment has been completed, but there is missing or wrong data.

Most reason for delays in delivery is missing data or wrong data. Please provide us with all nescessary information we need to deliver, this may vary from game to game. Please read carefully the article description.

Please pay attention to the correct writing of your character name, forward it through email, especially when a charactername includes special characters. On bank account transfer documents, those characters will mostly not shown correctly.

In most cases when data is missing, we ask for your data in a separate email but sometimes, depending on your provider or disfunctional internet connections or other reasons, our mail will not be received. In this case, please help us and contact our customer support, via chat, Service@wow-gold-tip.com email. We try to solve the problem.

What information shall I forward with bank account transfer?

To ensure a perfect procedure wow-gold-tip needs following data:

- by orders at our website: please always forward your order number! If you use our powerlevel service, please sent your account data separately to: Service@wow-gold-tip.com

- by orders at eBay, please always forward your eBay name! If you use our powerlevel service, please sent your account data separately to: Service@wow-gold-tip.com

What information shall I forward with PayPal?

You may give us additional information with PayPal, but please forward all nescessary data via email: Service@wow-gold-tip.com. If you have questions to PayPal payments contact our customer support, via chat, email.

Is buying virtual gold or using a powerleveling service illegal?

We do NOT sell the virtual gold. Any virtual item, if gold or items will stay under property of the game producer. You pay us for the time we need to farm a specific amount of gold or to play a character for you ingame.

The game producer may interprete this different and forbid in most cases in their own terms and conditions to buy virtual goods or powerleveling.wow-gold-tip cannot be held reliable for risks or losses of any kind, virtual or real, that may occure because of acts or procedures the game producer may execute.

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