We have 3 effective ways for shipping and handing.Our customers could choose one of them according to your situations.For example, you need the gold as soon as possible or you have no time to be online.When you check out your order,the system will tell you to elect one of options.

1.Trusted Trade

You give us your account data (we ensure safety). So we can login and deliver directly onto your character. We usually finish the procedure at nights. It is not necessary for appointments. The first work you may do is to change your password as soon as possible after you receiving the product. It could protect your privacy and security.

2.Face to Face

The face to face transaction is our highly recommendation. You may tell us your cell phone number so that we could deliver the virtual currency as soon as possible.At the same time,please check your email after you ordered so that we could contact you quickly.At last, you would better choose one character which must be frequent online.We will whisper you in game and you could go on your work.If you have a short period of time online, maybe our trusted trade method is good for you.

3.Via Mailbox

Mailbox is one of way to transfer gold for our customers.If you are so busy doing other things and have no time to be online. This way could solve your problem.Thus, please fill with an exact mail address,it is necessary and important in the process.By the way,if there is something wrong with your email,please contact us as soon as possible.Live chat or email,both ok.

Above three ways to transfer golds,we guarantee that all of them are secure and instant.

Welcome to our webshop,enjoy yourselves. Team

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